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The 2019 Digital Marketing and Web Survey - call to participate and win

The digital marketing and web survey goes from strength to strength and we've already received contributions from across the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and beyond. Now we need your input to make it even bigger. Take part here.

Early access to the report and a chance to win Amazon vouchers

This year's survey is still open so if you are a HE professional and haven't already done so, please fill it in and help us extend its reach even further. It takes under 4 minutes to complete and in return, you'll get early access to the report which is full of insights in October, and entry into a draw to win one of twenty $/€/£ 50 Amazon vouchers.

The survey evolves with new areas of interest from the HE community

Last year it was packed with insights that were guaranteed to ignite conversations, spark debates and inform digital strategies (more on that below).

This time we've shaken things up a bit and have extended the survey with new questions from the HE community that will provide insights into how web accessibility is being implemented, how digital teams are structured, the roles and responsibilities of digital personnel and much more.

A look back at the survey findings from previous years

Over the years we've aggregated insights, uncovered emerging trends, and discovered surprising revelations. Let's take a quick look back.

2018 - Instagram takes over and digital investment linked to student recruitment success

Last year we discovered that although Facebook is still extremely prevalent, its ability to engage students and prospective students was perceived as now waning. Instagram, meanwhile, became the fastest growing social media platform in terms of usage by institutions for student recruitment.

The survey also found that web and social media channels were now the primary way students researched Universities and Colleges, with international students often making their final application decisions solely on the quality of information and content available online rather than making a physical visit to institutions.

And by correlating the results from the survey with publicly available data, we identified a link that showed that Universities and Colleges that invest significantly in web and digital marketing had better outcomes when it came to recruiting students.

You can still download the full 2018 report here: 2018 Survey Results

2017 - Digital claims a seat at the head table

2017 was the year that digital transformation was finally recognized as a key change agent and driving force behind the successful delivery of organizational goals.

Meanwhile, we also found that a quarter of respondents had a high level of dissatisfaction with their institution's funding of digital marketing.

2016 - Digital marketing investment grows

This was the year universities identified the value of digital marketing, with investment going up significantly at half of the institutions involved in the survey. Facebook was started as the dominant force in social media at this time.

2015 - Institutions overhaul their digital presence

This year, over half of the respondents said their institution underwent a major web transformation project, with 32% of the projects being carried out in-house and 53% as a combined effort between in-house and external agency resources.

2014 - A shift in digital roles and responsibilities

Back in 2014, we discovered that control of digital strategy was shifting from IT teams to a collaborative effort between web, marketing, alumni and recruitment teams.

We appreciate your participation and look forward to hearing your feedback. Here is a link to the survey again in case you missed it. Keep a lookout for the survey results in October!

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