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Campus Events Calendar

Increase engagement with potential students, staff, academics and current students by highlighting the amazing physical and virtual events you are running, through an easy to use events calendar module.

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Life on and off campus organized in one place

How about a one-stop-shop campus events calendaring system so you don't have to update multiple systems? Look no further.

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Powerful features to transform student experience and engagement

Terminalfour offers a powerful campus events calendar module that helps students, staff, academics and members of your alumni community find relevant events taking place across your University or College. It goes far beyond a simple calendar with the ability to consume events from other calendars and booking systems and for people to signup and pay for events.

Design Flexibility

Take full control over how your Campus Events Calendar looks and interacts. There is no reason your calendar can't look "on-brand" and modern.

Event Filtering

Filter or categorize events by department, topic, subject area, campus, or other tags, and your users will see just the relevant events in your calendar. Surface a subsection of events on other websites to highlight events relating to a particular school or department

Customizable Event Types

Our Event Calendar allows for a wide variety and configurable range of event types from the simple through to complex fee-based events with recurring schedules

Add Location

Add Google Maps to help visitors find their way easily to your event, and use Forms Builder to quickly capture registrations

Suggest Events

Allow students and staff to suggest events, through a simple form. Any suggested events can go through an approval process before going live on the events calendar

Manage Permissions

Enforce rights on who can update the calendar, and let non-Terminalfour users add events. You can even use a Workflow to approve events before they get listed

Automatic Syncing

Automatically sync and pull in events and courses from external sources, like iCal, Google Calendar, Exchange/Office365, 25Live, and Alumni event management solutions. Even if they’re behind a firewall within your university

Push Events

Push events to mobile sites, apps and social media

Register and Pay

Link the Campus Events Calendar with our Forms & Transaction features to allow people to register or pay for events

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