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Engage, Accelerate & Amplify

An Omni Channel Communications & Marketing Platform built for internal and external communications needs of Universities and Colleges. Engage with prospective students and alumni over email, text message, chat and personalized web experiences.

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Growth-minded communication & marketing tools

Join the dots between your different digital communications channels, and amplify their effectiveness.

Email Marketing

Create beautiful, personalized and responsive campaigns to drive student recruitment and alumni engagement

Landing Pages & Lead Capture

Build smart landing pages and engagement features to increase engagement and lead capture

SMS & Transactional Email

Spark timely engagement & conversations with your target audiences, with personalized messages that deliver a high interaction rate.

Marketing Automation

Drive engagement by creating unique cross channel user journeys with ease, saving time while increating engagement rates.

Content Reuse & Targetting

Use your content strategically across numerous channels. Increase engagement by automatically including personalized content, used elsewhere on your websites, such as news and events, to enhance the quality of your email marketing campaigns.

Powerful features to transform your student experience

With our user-friendly CMS and digital engagement system, you can have creative, accessible, and responsive websites, packed with leading-edge technologies and strategies:

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Drag-and-drop functionality

No code, no fuss. Our easy design tool puts you in the driver’s seat; build stunning emails and landing pages with our WYSIWYG tool.

Responsive email templates

Create mobile-responsive emails in minutes with our simple editor tool. Or, choose from one of our pre-built templates.

Drag-and-drop segmentation

Reach the right people using our drag-and-drop segment builder. Create simple or sophisticated segments that help you boost your conversions.

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Email marketing

Build your email campaigns quickly. Communicate with potential students, your alumni community and University staffon their terms, from newsletters to conversion focused emails.

SMS Text Messages

More than just a channel for updates, SMS is fast, direct, and global. Cut through the noise and reach potential students wherever they are.


Know who’s browsing your website and encourage them to connect. Drive more inquiries with targeted campaigns.

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Design automated workflows

Use our intuitive automation tool to build your lifecycle marketing programs. Or, if you need a hand, use one of our free, pre-built programs designed for Higher Education.

Trigger campaigns

Automate messages off the back of how a potential student is interacting with your University or College. Remind them about campus visits, onboard them before they arrive on-campus.

Automatically Optimize and adapt

Surface key insights across your programs to help you identify which are most successful. Easily analyze the effectiveness of all your marketing automation programs without endless hours of number crunching.

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A/B and multi-variant testing

Improve performance by testing content your users prefer. Plus, judge what works best in your website, email or through other channels.

Advanced personalization

Use data to personalize and tailor content for website content, email campaigns and landing pages. Wow recipients with unique messages that resonate.

Website tracking

Know who’s browsing your website and connect to them in a very personal way. Drive more engagement and conversion with targeted call to action content.

Screenshot of the T4 Mailer Platform

Campaign reporting

Unlock the headlines from your cross-channel campaigns and take your marketing meetings by storm. Report on the metrics that matter to you.

ROI Reporting

Understand the value of your marketing. Track your users’ journeys after they click through from your campaigns to your website.

Customer insights

From website behavior, social media engagement to email activity ; tailor the perfect message, every time.

Screenshot of the T4 Mailer Platform

CRM Integration

Integrate with your CRM solution to sync your student recruitment data to create extra-compelling campaigns.

Data migration

Onboard to with us seamlessly. We can migrate your existing contact lists, segments, templates, and more.

Social media & PPC integration

Link your web, email, PPC and social media strategies and see engagement and conversion trends across all your channels.

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