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Course Catalog Builder

An educational experience tailored from the start. Let prospective students build their own prospectus or course catalog.

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Make a lasting first impression

Accurate and tailored course information is of vital importance to students and if they can't readily find it they're going to leave and try their luck with the next school on their list

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A personalized approach to course information

A personalized PDF prospectus, view book or course catalog lets prospective students focus on the courses they're interested in so they can make an informed decision quickly.

Drive Engagement

A personalized Course Catalog drives engagement and reduces the time it takes to make a decision

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Great First Impressions

Provides prospective students with a better user experience giving them an overall great first impression of your university

Surface Relevant Information, Fast

Help students find the courses and information they need with ease

Create Compulsory Sections

Specify a page range to be included if pages of the Course Catalog are selected

Integrate with your single sources of truth

Integrates and synchronizes securely with student administration systems, curriculum management and course databases such as Ellucian Banner, Ellucian Colleague, PeopleSoft, Technology One, Tribal SITS, ACalog, Courseleaf, Akari and others

Open Standards

Integrate with Adobe InDesign to allow for the same content to be pushed to your graphic designer for when they are creating professional-quality print jobs

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