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A digital engagement and web content management platform for higher education

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Built to improve your online performance

Terminalfour empowers universities and colleges across the world to deliver innovative digital strategies and web solutions, so they can recruit, retain, and engage the best and brightest students and staff.

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Easily manage hundreds of websites, keeping them on-brand and accessible. Allow editors to manage their own content while enforcing web governance rules and workflows.

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Using powerful dashboards and reports, see how your websites are performing and where quality or conversation rates can be improved.

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Drive student recruitment, retention and fundraising using the latest digital marketing techniques like content targetting and personalization.

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Drive increases in inquiries, registrations for campus visitors and fundraising using modern e-commerce techniques adapted for Higher Education. 

Powerful features to transform your student experience

Get used to creative, accessible, and responsive websites, packed with leading-edge technologies and strategies with our user-friendly web CMS and digital engagement system.

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Intuitive and Easy-To-Use

Easily edit content using our Direct Edit WYSIWYG interface: you don’t need technical skills, just basic word processing skills. Out of the office? Work from your smartphone or tablet to create, edit, or manage content.

Direct Edit

Improve content structure and accuracy and promote brand consistency using our WYSIWYG Direct Edit. This powerful feature allows users to visually make structured content changes directly from your website.


Publish a range of different content types to a variety of channels, including websites, apps, social media, and landing pages. With Terminalfour, publishing and reusing content is a breeze.

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All types of content

Quickly migrate hundreds of websites in just days, easily control what content you want to migrate, and even strip out the design before migrating your content. It couldn't be easier!


Connect with prospective international students in their own language. All UTF-8 languages are supported, with additional features included to help you with the translation process.

Media Optimization

Publish videos, images, and other file formats instantly and save time and resources by cropping, resizing, or enhancing images as you upload them. Use our Content Delivery Network (CDN) to resize images on the fly and optimize them for mobile devices.

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Standard Web Development Techniques

All templates can be built using standard web development techniques and HTML, CSS & JavaScript, Frameworks—no need to learn new templating languages.

Digital Brand Management (Page layouts & design)

End-users can easily create pages or even entire websites with consistent style and navigation, without ever having to worry about CSS or HTML.

Media Library

Give your users role-based access to a central collection of reusable content assets (or use an existing digital asset management system), reuse content from other systems, and let users to easily crop and resize images.

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Proactive Quality Control

Make sure that content editors continue to meet accessibility standards by locking down accessible templates and highlighting where improvements need to be made before new content is published.


Deal with accessibility concerns before they become an issue with our solution that’s fully compliant with WCAG, WAI-AA+, ADA, DDA, ATAG, or Section 508 standards.

Version Control

Enjoy complete version control over content; lock content while it’s being edited and roll back to earlier versions of content if mistakes happen. We've got you covered!

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Give your users access to live web analytics data, including content visitor data as well as detailed dashboards for web marketing team members.

Performance Dashboards

Track what courses aren't receiving applications and figure out how to optimize your content with our user-friendly performance dashboards that integrate with existing analytics packages.

Social Analytics

Measure how your social media channels are performing and see what’s driving traffic and conversions to your site and what content is performing well.

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Governance & Security

Every step has been taken to guarantee the quality and security of your website is regulated from password protection to integration with security frameworks.

Workflow Approval

Give your organization the necessary tools to regulate the quality and accessibility of all published content with our easy-to-use, powerful, and intuitive workflow.

User Rights & Roles

Easily configure rights and roles to ensure that the right people are empowered in the right way. Grant access to a site, a page, or even just a small section of a page, and give temporary user rights to internal or external users.

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Easy Form Builder

Create smart and flexible forms in minutes with our simple drag-and-drop form builder that will help you capture and convert leads..

Support for Complex Logic & Security

Build sophisticated online forms with decision trees and advanced validation, on a platform that focuses on security and data protection.

Campaigns & donations

Increase donations by creating targeted campaigns with customizable, easy-to-use forms, email marketing, and powerful landing pages.

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Personalization & A/B Testing

Benefit from best-practice e-commerce techniques by applying content rules based on a visitor's location, behavior, device, or search terms to create content just for them. Test and retest your campaigns using A/B testing and optimize content for your target audience.

Campaign Performance Dashboards

Easily create marketing KPI dashboards to measure campaign performance by bringing together KPI data from numerous sources, including CRM systems and Google Analytics.

SEO Optimized

Create SEO-rich content for your website with our handy built-in SEO checker and keep complete control over page titles, tags and meaningful URLs.

Screenshot of the Terminalfour platform with marketing and social features.

Email Campaigns

Deliver rich and dynamic newsletters and marketing messages that are proven to help drive recruitment and increase funding.

Landing Pages & Enquiry Forms

Easily create landing pages that integrate with emails, surveys, and forms and set up marketing automation to execute ongoing campaigns.

Push to Social

Push content to social networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook to promote content on your website.

Screenshot of the Terminalfour platform with integration features highlighted.

SIS & CRM Integration

We connect the dots between your systems, giving you the power to track every lead, ensuring no inquiries or revenue fall through the cracks. Link with your Student Information System or Course Catalog System to seamlessly power your course search facility.

Payment Integration

Capture payment details through secure, major gateways. Terminalfour integrates seamlessly with all major gateways: making payments has never been easier.


Capture data through Form Builder that can be automatically transferred to your CRM system, ready for you to act on.

Screenshot of the Terminalfour platform

Open Architecture

Built with openness and flexibility in mind, and based completely on open standards, Terminalfour integrates with as many systems as you need to effectively manage your online ecosystem.

Cross-Platform Language Support

Uniquely, Terminalfour supports numerous web development scripting languages, including PHP, .NET, JSP and ColdFusion.

Comprehensive API

Customize, extend, and integrate Terminalfour with other platforms easily using our RestFul API and Webhooks.

Screenshot of the Terminalfour platform

Security Certification

Ensure your university is in the safest hands possible by working with Terminalfour, an ISO 27001 certified company.

Single Sign-on

Securely authenticate into Terminalfour, a website, or a portal using open standards such as Active Directory, SAML v2, CAS, or Shibboleth.

Cloud Hosted or On-Premises

Choose a deployment model that suits your organization. Terminalfour operates a 24/7/365 fully managed hosting environment with guaranteed uptime levels for the application and your websites.

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Scalability & Performance

Built with large-scale higher education institutions in mind, Terminalfour can easily handle thousands of websites, hundreds of users, and large spikes in traffic. Terminalfour supports both dynamic and static publishing models.

Open Web Standards

Put an end to "one-size-fits-all" systems. With Terminalfour, you can easily integrate your solution with CRMs, student management systems, and alumni management systems.

Cloud Scalability

Terminalfour isn't just hosted on the Cloud‚ it takes advantage of native Amazon Web Services features for the successful delivery of websites under any level of demand, even while under a DDoS attack.

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