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Student & Staff Portals

Universities and colleges buzz with people, knowledge, activity, and inspiration. With so much going on in your communities, an intranet or portal is the ideal way to serve your internal and external audience groups, each of whom has different needs and expectations.

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A complete intranet solution with real value that drives true engagement

Terminalfour offers a complete intranet solution that can strengthen relationships, improve efficiencies, and enhances engagement. With intranets and portals, you can create, manage, personalize and secure content for your various internal audiences all from a single, centralized platform.

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Empower your communities

An intranet or portal will transform how internal and external stakeholders can interact with your institution as well as improve overall user experience.

Secure and personalize content

Set permissions and personalize content so users aren’t inundated with information that’s not relevant for them and don’t see things they shouldn’t have access to.

Self service to improve efficiencies

Let your users get stuff done quickly from a single location without wasting time looking through the public-facing website or logging into multiple systems.

Keep everyone connected

Options that go beyond a simple static site and encourage discussion and networking. This increases the sense of community and belonging, because your educators, students, and administrators can share knowledge, feedback, activities, announcements, accomplishments, events, news, and more.

Mobile friendly

Your audience can keep their fingers on the pulse of campus life from anywhere, anytime.

Accessible user-friendly templates

Keep your intranet "on-brand" and accessible, so there’s consistency in your brand story no matter who the target audience are

Campus Wide Search

Help students, staff and academics find the information they are looking for, whether it's a document on a file server or a record in a database.

Integrate Content and Services

Through single-sign-on and other integration features, you can provide a common interface or seamlessly access third-party systems

Scalable and Secure

Built using the latest cloud technologies, our student and staff portal can scale to deal with large scale demand while ensuring that your data is kept safe

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