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How prospective students search and navigate in 2020: Website information architecture that influences decision-making

An interactive series of webinars focusing on how GDPR will impact Higher Education institutions including structure recruitment, alumni engagement, advancement and current student admin activities.

A series of three webinars spanning 3.5 hours in total
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Website search is now the key feature used by prospective students

Here are some of the things we’ll discuss: 

  • If international students can’t visit your campus physically (especially during these days of self-isolation), can you replicate the experience online for them? How do you create a virtual campus?

  • If students visit your website now, do they see a big COVID-19 warning message instead of the information they want? What are you losing if that information isn’t easily accessible?

  • How can you ensure that a student visiting your website gets all their questions answered and gets the information they’re specifically looking for?

  • Retail websites know how to make it easy to navigate a site to complete a task, drive conversions, and reduce friction, but is higher education doing the same? 

In this webinar, find out:

  • How your website navigation influences prospects’ decision-making when interacting with your brand.

  • Best practices for promoting what’s important to student success.

  • Why your information architecture (IA) might be negatively impacting conversions and task completion.

  • How navigation and IA are evolving in 2020 and beyond.


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Piero Tintori

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