Let's Get Personal!

Personalization on higher education websites - the new competitive advantage

Personalize for better performance

If it’s not personalized, it’s not engaging. The idea of making the website experience for your target audience both personalized and targeted isn’t a new one. It is however one that has eluded most institutions. This is often down to time, skill or technology.

This webinar will outline the opportunities available to higher education institutions that could help you elevate your visitors’ experience; delivering one that is both meaningful and relevant to them.

This webinar outlines the things you can do (and should do) to deliver personalized experiences for your target audience to increase engagement and conversion. 


  • How can higher education apply ecommerce and online retail techniques to drive website improvements.
  • What problems does personalization or content targeting solve?
  • Planning for personalization: What are the important prerequisites to getting it right?
  • Higher education uniqueness: What works? What doesn't work? The best higher education examples.  

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