Selecting a Digital Agency for Web Redesign

Top Tips to Prevent Disaster

Picking the RIGHT partner for your institution

Like a lot of things in life, the selection of a Digital Agency to help spearhead your digital transformation project is all down to one thing – The Right Fit.  Does their vision match yours? Are they results and conversion focused? Are they ambitious and visionary; knowledgeable and skilled (both in design and also technology/coding)?  Can you work with them? Do you like them, trust them?  This is often the difference between success (in the long-term) and buyer’s remorse. 


This unbiased* webinar will outline the Top 10 Common Pitfalls to avoid when selecting the right partner for your higher education institution.  Some areas covered: 

  • The project team (Getting to know them)
  • Dissecting a Design Portfolio (what it really means)
  • Technical questions to ask
  • What makes them different? What questions to ask?
  • Conversion optimization: What’s their approach?
  • Confirming deliverables, are you on the same page?

Who should attend?

  • Website budget holders
  • Web communication and technology professionals
  • Communications and marketing professionals

*We’re not a Digital Agency ourselves but we’ve worked with plenty in delivering more than 600+ web transformation projects.  These insights were hard earned.

Watch the webinar