University of Gloucestershire: Discover your computing profile

We're back on the clearing bandwagon and today we celebrate the University of Gloucestershire's 'Discover your Computing profile' campaign. 

This is a completely unique approach to a clearing campaign, speaking again to the idea of playing to your strengths. This Discover your Computing Profile took gold at the heist awards last year, and it’s easy to see why. The campaign, as the judges at the Heist Awards pointed out, “lends itself to the university’s strategic vision to develop Gloucestershire as a high tech knowledge and skills hub and a regional force for cyber security.”

Image of woman in front of the text 'Discover your computing profile'

This is a targeted and savvy campaign that is genuinely useful and really packs a punch. Like the Matchmaking app over at Salford, this is again quiz based. Prospective computing students are asked to fill out a personality based quiz with questions like ‘what would does C++ mean to you’, ‘would you rather take something apart or put something together’ and ‘when working in a team which role do you typically adopt’?

Once students fill out the quiz, they’re asked to enter in their details including email addresses, phone numbers, whether they would like a prospectus sent to them and they are then presented with their personalised page with detailed information on suitable courses and likely careers.

This is such a shrewd, simple idea that’s been an enormous success for the University of Gloucestershire. It is campaigns like this that break the mould of how information that students will engage with is delivered.

You can see the award-winning campaign here and if you’re so inclined, see what your computing profile is.

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