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The Great Ideas Round-up: Clearing through the Ages

Here at the TERMINALFOUR blog HQ, we have firmly battened down the hatches in preparation for Storm Clearing. It’s one of the Higher Education marketing highlights of the year, where universities around the UK do battle to fill their empty seats and in the process come up with some incredibly original marketing campaigns. So, today we thought we would do a round-up of our favourite clearing campaigns over the years. Let us know if we’re missing anyone!

So, in no particular order, here are some of the clearing campaigns that have wowed us through the ages:

University of Middlesex - How to deal with parents during clearing

Anyone who has ever been pestered by a parent about college (albeit with their hearts in the right place) will know all too well why this video hits home.

University of Lincoln vs. swans

We have written about this gem many moons ago (check it out) but we still think of it and smile. It’s clearing marketing at its wackiest. It has everything. Swans, kittens, ghost detection courses. Never change Lincoln, never change.

Welcome to the #lborofamily

Loughborough University are another one of those universities who consistently hit the right note with their student clearing campaigns. We love this video, “We don’t all get it right first time”, and it’s a powerfully positive message to students who may be struggling with being in the clearing process.

Keele University - How are you feeling?

Everything about this video is perfect and Keele always deliver when it comes to clearing .This video features a simple message, signature squirrels and captivating drone sequences. What more could you want?

Teeside University - Be Teeside

If you have a minute to spare, go and look at this website! The effort and detail is seriously impressive. It’s a pitch-perfect effort from Teeside, a great website that’s easy to navigate with a simple clearing message. The clearing website features 10 students each with their own unique story. There’s individual videos and interviews about their experience of Teeside University.

There’s so many worthy clearing campaign winners out there and we’ll be back soon with more contenders. If you would like your hard work to be rewarded, why not email us with you’re clearing campaigns at marketing@terminalfour.com

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