Personalization on higher education websites

“You can't be everything to everyone but you can be something to someone", Drew Davis, Brandscaping

It’s really really REALLY hard to work in a marketing or recruitment team in higher education. It just is – FACT. Think about it for a second. Not only do you have to sell, convince and persuade prospective students to make ‘the right choice’ but you also have to do all those things to an additional target audience i.e. their parents or guardians. Generally they have completely different patterns of behavior and expectations; selling to two audiences with one product.

This is not unique to higher education we know. But your choice of college or university is one of the most consequential and lasting decisions you make in your life (and you’re expected to make it as a teenager). There is, therefore, a special scrutiny, an elevated expectation and lower tolerance for the ordinary. Your marketing needs to be powerful, tasteful, appropriate and impactful. It has to hit the right tone, convince in a specific multi-platform way whilst honoring the legacy and future of the institution it represents.

That said marketing and recruitment professionals tend to be adaptive. New social media platforms hit the market; easy, we’ll include them as part of the communications mix. New technologies and mobile device development are constantly being introduced; no problem at all we think responsive, we think mobile device first. But how do marketers in higher education overcome the perception of the generic, the temptation to deliver the one-size-fits all?

We wanted to examine this dilemma. We wanted to highlight how higher education can learn from the eCommerce world and channel the power of personalization and see the impact on engagement, conversion and success.

We invite you to join our latest webinar:

LET’S GET PERSONAL: Personalization on higher education websites – the new competitive advantage.

This webinar will outline the opportunities available to higher education institutions that could help them elevate their visitors’ experience; delivering one that is both meaningful and relevant to them.

• How can higher education apply ecommerce and online retail techniques to drive website improvements.
• What problems does personalization or content targeting solve?
• Planning for personalization: What are the important prerequisites to getting it right?
• Higher education uniqueness: What works? What doesn't work? The best higher education examples

When: August 9th, 2016

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