11+ of the best higher education podcasts for your 2024 playlist

Professional development comes in many forms, from conferences and courses to books and blogs.

But podcasts have become a wildly popular go-to format for edutainment, and there are plenty devoted to all aspects of higher education. 

A few years ago, we published a blog post on great higher education podcasts; but, things move faster than ever, and there are plenty of new ones to check out! 

Here’s an update and a few new higher ed podcasts to add to your professional development playlist.

Higher Ed Marketing and Enrollment Podcasts

1. Higher Ed Demand Gen

best higher education podcasts 2024 - 7.

Created by Concept3D, Higher Ed Demand Gen features conversations with higher ed leaders on a range of marketing-related topics, from strategic planning and student insights to breaking down silos and improving retention.

2. The Higher Ed Marketer

best higher education podcasts 2024 - 6.

On The Higher Ed Marketer podcast, hosts Bart Caylor and Troy Singer speak with a range of guests about the future of marketing, emerging technologies, and more.  

Previous episodes include customer service in higher ed, advancement and AI, and video storytelling, and non-traditional learners. 

3. Higher Ed Storytelling University

best higher education podcasts 2024 - 11

Created by storytelling coach and video producer John Azoni, this podcast focuses on helping higher ed marketers tell better stories — which in turn helps enroll more students.

Higher Ed Storytelling University features a variety of guests from colleges, universities, and agencies who share their first-hand experiences and storytelling case studies.

4. Talking Tactics

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Hosted by Dayana Kilbids and part of the Enrollify Podcast Network, Talking Tactics focuses on creative, resourceful enrollment strategies.

Each bite-sized episode focuses on a single tactic—one that had to be done with limited resources

(Along with Tactics, the Enrollify podcast network features several other marketing and admissions-related podcasts; Enrollify is an initiative from the student engagement platform Element 451.) 

Higher Ed Technology Podcasts

5. Generation AI

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Part of the Enrollify Podcast Network, the Generation AI podcast is geared toward higher education professionals who are interested in navigating the world of artificial intelligence.

Episodes range from offering practical tips to discussing industry-spanning issues like AI’s impact on journalism.

6. The Higher Ed Geek

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Founded in 2013 and now part of the Enrollify network, The Higher Ed Geek explores the impact of edtech on the student experience.

Host Dustin Ramsdell interviews leaders from institutions, nonprofits, and tech companies.

7. The Integrative CIO

best higher education podcasts 2024 - 3.jpg (

EDUCAUSE is a nonprofit organization and community dedicated to advancing higher education through the use of IT.

As an extension of that mission, EDUCAUSE launched a podcast called The Integrative CIO, which features discussions with IT leaders from a variety of institutions.

The hosts and guests cover topics from the evolution of tech on campus to the expanding roles of tech-savvy executives.

Higher Ed Leadership & Policy Podcasts

8. dotEDU

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From the American Council on Education (ACE), dotEDU takes deep dives into public policy and other hot-button issues.

The hosts are joined by guest experts for conversations on topics like free speech, affordability, and diversity in admissions.

9. Dr. Josie and the Podcast

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Produced by digital engagement and leadership consultant Josie Ahlquist, this podcast showcases community leaders who are using social media platforms to inform, inspire, and innovate.

Previous Dr. Josie and the Podcast episodes tackle influencer marketing, the difference between “building” and “facilitating” community, and even how to embrace “Swiftie” energy.

10. Trusted Voices

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Part of Volt, an online magazine for higher education marketers, the Trusted Voices podcast analyzes the intersection of leadership and communication.

Previous episodes covered topics like leakiness in administration, managing college athletics, and team building. (Volt also produces another podcast called Higher Voltage, which covers defining issues of the moment.)

11. The Wonkhe Show

best higher education podcasts 2024 - 2.png

The Wonkhe Show, part of the larger Wonkhe family of content, covers issues pertinent to higher education in the UK.

It doesn’t shy away from tough topics either; previous episodes have addressed war, loneliness, and immigration. 

What higher education podcasts have helped you with your higher education marketing or provided insights for your institution?

Let us know what you’re listening to (and why) in the comments below or on social media. 

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