Top 10 podcasts of 2021 for Higher Ed digital, marketing and recruitment teams

At least 50 percent of homes in the US and Europe are said to be podcast fans, a trend we’re hearing more about worldwide. But this popular form of entertainment isn’t just for pleasure. 

There is a wealth of news, tips, and expert knowledge out there for professionals to tap into. The topics covered by podcasts are vast and the offerings for higher education marketing, digital, and recruitment professionals is continuing to grow. If we have missed any of our favorites, please let us know.

Here are our top 10 podcasts:

#1 Higher Voltage 

Higher Voltage

This popular podcast is aimed entirely at higher education marketers from Philadelphia-based digital design and marketing agency, eCity Interactive. Recent episodes cover social media strategy, the importance of higher ed leaders nurturing an online presence, and another on the benefits and ethics of recruiting student influencers. You can listen to it on Apple here and Spotify here.

#2 The Enrollify Podcast 

Enrollify Screenshot

The Enrollify Podcast covers the latest trends and insights affecting higher ed marketing and tech, focusing on creative ideas and optimizing resources. Recent episodes include a debate about how universities can become ‘distinct rather than going extinct’ as enrollment declines, the value in storytelling, the benefits of smaller but more engaging virtual events and unpacking the frameworks for performance-driven approaches to branding and marketing. You can listen to it on Apple here or Spotify here

#3 Enrollment Growth University: Higher Education 

Enrollment growth university

This podcast focuses solely on growing recruitment at universities and colleges, with industry leaders revealing the marketing strategies working at their institutions. Hosted by Eric Olsen, AVP of Marketing at Helix Education, there’s a back catalog of more than 180 episodes. Recent offerings discuss data and privacy trends at tech companies and advertising platforms, as well as Facebook performance drop-off, harnessing your alumni’s social potential and the idea of incentivizing prospective students with guaranteed post-graduation income. You can listen to it on Apple here or Spotify here.

#4 The Higher Ed Marketer from Caylor Solutions and Think Patented 

The higher ed marketer

The Higher Ed Marketer podcast gives practical tips on how to level up your university marketing game. Recent episodes are about getting creative with virtual college tours, the power of video in marketing, creating engaging stories and the somewhat leftfield approach of targeting the pets of prospective students to drive enrollment. You can listen to it on Apple here or Spotify here.

#5 The Buzz

The buzz podcast

The Buzz: Capture’s Podcast for Higher Ed is produced by behaviour intelligence platform Capture and delves into a wide range of issues facing institutions. Recent episodes will be of strong interest to digital marketers in the US. Recent topics include a look at President Joe Biden’s tech priorities and how his administration’s stance on artificial intelligence and data regulation may affect ed-tech advancements and the data tools crucial to the sector. You can listen to it on Apple here or Spotify here.

#6 The WonkHe Show

Wonk HE Podcast

The WonkHe Showis a UK-based channel bringing together sector debate, analysis, and insight, dissecting fresh issues affecting the higher education sector each week. Some cover digital marketing and topics straddling its many spheres, like a recent episode about drawing the lines on marketing to students and speculation about how university recruitment may change over the next decade. You can listen to it on Apple here or Spotify here.

#7 The Enrollment Management Round Table Podcast

Enrollment Resources Roundtable Podcast

The Enrollment Management Round Table Podcast from Enrollment Resources looks at the latest trends in admissions and marketing with special guest panelists. Recent episodes include the fundamentals of paid ads and landing pages, capturing the benefits of split testing for breakthrough recruitment conversions and social media tactics. Another looks at why universities lose prospective students in the pass-off between marketing and admissions and how to bridge the disconnect. You can listen to it on Apple here or Spotify here.

#8 The InspireED School Marketers Sparkcast

InspirED SparkCast Podcast

The InspireED School Marketers Sparkcast focuses on private school marketing, but many of the values and approaches apply to higher ed marketers too. Episodes include laying the foundations for successful education marketing, social media branding, brand identity theory, and writing for the right audiences. You can listen to it on Apple here or Spotify here.

#9 College Admissions Decoded

College Admissions Decoded

College Admissions Decoded is aimed at students by the National Association for College Admission Counseling, which promises to break down the facts, myths, and rules of engagement in higher ed. The podcast covers a wide range of topics but is particularly useful in the areas of user research and understanding the issues audiences face, with episodes on subjects such as virtual college tours and how admission choices have changed due to the pandemic. You can listen to it on Apple here or Spotify here.   

#10 Ignite Visibility University

Ignite Visibility University

Ignite Visibility University is a regular podcast, ranging from two minutes to 50 in length, looking at the headline tech updates that people in digital marketing need. While not education-centric, it’s a brilliant way of keeping your finger on the digital pulse – from the lowdown on Google Tag Manager to Twitter tip jar announcements. It’s hosted by John Lincoln, the CEO of Ignite Visibility. You can listen to ite on Apple here or Spotify here.

Do you have any must-listen recommendations for others in the higher ed sector? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below, on email, or social.