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Web Services API Training

Take your Terminalfour development skills to the next level by getting up to speed with the REST API.

2 days
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This training will provide you with intimate knowledge of the Terminalfour REST API, the Terminalfour platform, and will enable attendees to automate tasks and build useful integrations that are not possible using other out-of-the-box alternatives.


Programmers and web developers. Attendees must have attended Implementer training (formerly known as Web Developer training) or have a working knowledge of Terminalfour version 8 at that level. Attendees need to be proficient in HTML and JavaScript and should have administrator rights on their device in order to be able to install NodeJS, NPM and Postman.

Content covered

  • Overview of the REST API
  • Authentication with Terminalfour
  • Retrieving data using the API
  • Pushing data to the API
  • Overview of the Terminalfour data model
  • Bulk operations
  • Creation of a sample integration using JavaScript running on NodeJS

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