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Terminalfour for Advanced Implementers

This course follows on from the Implementer Training and covers topics like RSS feeds, external data and personalization.

1or 2 days (depending on required modules)
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This training adds to the Implementer training and covers topics such as RSS feeds, external data, personalization, etc. The training is very much "hands-on". Each topic is a stand-alone "module", so it's possible to put together a course based on specific needs and interests.


Webmasters and developers. It is a prerequisite to have experience in HTML, CSS and traditional web publishing. Attendees should have attended Implementer training (formerly known as Web Developer training) or have a working knowledge of Terminalfour at that level.

Content covered

  • Content Personalisation - Cookies
  • Content Personalisation - GeoIP
  • Selective Output
  • Keyword Search
  • Content Migration - using HTML import
  • Form Builder
  • Third-party Scripts
  • RSS Feed
  • RSS Feed and Data Object
  • External Content Syncer

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