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Programmable Layouts Training

Add another dimension to your Terminalfour development with server-side JavaScript.

2 days
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This training course will introduce the concept of programmable layouts and give practical examples of how it is currently being used throughout the Terminalfour community of users. Learn more about programmable layouts and how they are used.


Webmasters, developers. It is a prerequisite to have experience in JavaScript and HTML and that attendees have attended Implementer training (formerly known as Web Developer training) or have a working knowledge of Terminalfour version 8 at that level. Knowledge of Java is an advantage.

Content covered

  • What are programmable layouts, building smarter content layouts
  • Basic output of elements through programmable layouts
  • Conditional scripts and default content
  • Section meta description technique
  • Displaying alternate versions of the current piece of content
  • Wrapping Content Types
  • Simplifying user interaction
  • Using centralized utils libraries in layouts
  • Reporting information on users and navigation objects
  • Getting content from another section without navigation objects
  • Outputting entire media library sections automatically

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