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Winter Wonderlands: The Snowiest campuses from around the globe

It's January which for many colleges and universities means snow (especially here in Boston)! Snow is one of those natural wonders that can transform the most mundane of scenes into something truly magical. For the digital marketers out there, we also know that a good snowy campus scene can send your social engagement through the roof. So, because it's the holiday season, we thought we would bring you a festive roundup of some of our favorite snow scenes from universities around the world. If we have missed your campus, just tag @terminalfour on Twitter and we will right the wrong!  To properly enjoy this seasonal roundup, we recommend you enjoy it with a hot chocolate.

Newcastle University – United Kingdom

This stunning video of the first snow fall on campus by Newcastle University has been viewed over one thousand times on YouTube!

University of Twente – Netherlands

The University of Twente in the Netherlands is the first stop on our whistle-stop tour. They have been posting some spectacular scenes over on their Instagram.

Lots of snow examples from the University of Twente – Netherlands 

Including the nice adhoc video of the snow falling infront of their name, quick, easy and effective:

University of Twente – Netherlands - Mini Video 


University of Alaska Fairbanks – United States

If Alaska isn't synonymous with snow, then we don't know where is. Their Instagram features some jaw-droppingly stunning campus scenes that have made us want to pack our things and move to Alaska post-haste. This time-lapse of the Northern Lights over a snow-laden Fairbanks campus is especially beautiful.

University of Alaska Fairbanks – Northern Lights


The University of Gent – Belgium

Gent is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and it is also home to one of the best ranked universities in the world. They also know how to take advantage of a good snow fall. Take a look at this clever use of a hashtag that was really quick to create on zero budget! #UGent

The University of Gent – Belgium


Once you get the (snow)ball rolling others you can really tap into a great stream of photos from everyone around campus:

The University of Gent – Belgium - Social Example


The University of Gent – Belgium - PHD Student Social Example


University of Montreal – Canada

We love this photo of dedicated students braving heavy snow to make it their classes at the University of Montreal.



Southern New Hampshire University – United States

So what's better than a snow scene on campus? How about vintage campus scenes!

SHU Photo


University of Minnesota – United States

This is a great shot of the statue of the University of Minnesota's mascot, Goldy Gopher in the snow. School pride and snow equals over 2000 likes on Instagram!

University of Minnesota


Queen's University Belfast - Northern Ireland

What could be more joyous than seeing students experience their first real snow! We adore this snow scene from Queen's University Belfast.

QUB Snow Photo


Oxford Brookes University – United Kingdom

When your campus resembles Narnia! Oxford Brookes University have had some serious snowfall recently resulting in some beautiful campus shots and some snow days.

Oxford Brookes Snow Montage


Oxford Brookes Snow



We hope you have enjoyed our whirlwind tour of snowy university campuses from around the globe! Don't forget to follow our chosen universities on social media for inspiration! We will be back soon with our yearly countdown of the best higher education campaigns of 2017 so stay tuned!


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