What makes a great community college website?

Community colleges are for many students an affordable, accessible and effective entry way into higher education. While most prospective students tend to base their community college choices on geographical location, it still remains a hugely competitive space with lots of colleges jostling for the same students.

However, for the most part community colleges tend to play it safe when it comes to their websites. Think about a community college website you’re familiar with; does it feel a little bit outdated? Is there lots of information without a whole pile of interaction? How about viewing it from a mobile device? Can you comfortably view the content or do you have to pinch the screen in an effort to zoom in?

On February 10th at 10am EST we are delivering a joint webinar with the RDW Group about how to improve the recruitment performance of your community college website. We will be covering some great topics that are easy to implement and can deliver measurable results. We will be showing how to increase real-time website conversions and meet KPI goals as well as showing you how to better engage with your students online. There’s still time to register (you can do so here) and if you can’t attend please still register and we will ensure to send you a link to the recording.

To inspire everyone ahead of the big webinar event we wanted to show you five real examples of engaging, user-friendly community college websites with jaw-dropping designs.

1. Houston Community College 

2. Normandale Community College

3. Ellsworth Community College

4. Moorpark Community College

5. Snow College

If your community college has recently redesigned their website, email us at marketing@terminalfour.com and we would love to feature it on our blog!