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University of Toronto Mississauga celebrates its 50th anniversary with #utm50

The University of Toronto Mississauga is having an enviable year-long 50th birthday celebration. They’re marking this mammoth occasion in serious style, around campus and on their social media accounts.

The university has used their 50th anniversary as the perfect reason to remember their history and celebrate their future. The campaign is celebrating everything from #50daystoConvocation to 50 Faces of the university. They’re encouraging people to share their favorite memories of UTM on social media using the hashtag #UTM50.

50 Faces

As part of the milestone, the university selected fifty individuals from their past and present community. This project was created to celebrate those who have been influenced by UTM or have influenced the university over the past fifty years. The campaign features staff, faculty, students alumni and community members and showcases the individuals who have contributed to the legacy of the campus. Each face is accompanied by an interview with the subject and a profile of when they graduated and what they studied. 50 Faces features some really inspiring stories from people of all walks of life including film-making, medicine, poetry, politics and law, and of course education.

 In addition to 50 Faces, the university has just begun celebrating #50DaystoConvocation marking the countdown to convocation with a special social media event. 

We love the idea of celebrating the past and present faces of the campus as it gives a really tangible sense of the community that has shaped the university. Great work UofTM!

Has your college or university celebrated a special milestone? Let us know in the comments or email us at marketing@terminalfour.com and and we will happily feature it.

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