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University of Queensland: What did you wish you knew your first few weeks?

The University of Queensland is one of Australia’s leading learning and research institutions. It has over 50,000 students including 12,000 international students from 140 countries.

While campuses around the world are quiet right now, we know behind the scenes you’re preparing for the influx of students in just a few short weeks. We thought these Facebook videos were a simple but effective way to help new first-year students get their heads around what they need to know to survive their first few weeks. The videos are designed to help students stay on top of assignment deadlines, study loads and class schedules. It's the little insights that put minds at ease and help students settle into your institution. 

Apprehensive about your first few weeks?

Fear not folks; Shannon and TK have you covered. 

Week 1

The video features two current students (Shannon and TK) who share a few things they wish they had known on their first week including:

  • If you don’t use a laptop for class that’s ok. Different learning styles suit different people.
  • Get organized now for a headstart on study Organize your notes after each class.
  • If you miss something in class, find the notes on Blackboard.

Week 2

What's week 2 all about? Time management.

Find out what's happening at the University (including social activities) as it's all a balancing act. Check out the academic calendar online and get on top of things: 

  • Create your own calendar with due dates
  • Get in touch with student services
  • Be proactive and get ahead of the reading

Week 3

You're thinking about first assessment piece? Shannon and TK to the rescue again.

  • Take some time to really understand the question, the format requested by the lecturer and what you'll need to meet the expectations
  • Referencing is really important (find out preferred method)
  • How to search journal articles (what resources are at your disposal)?

These videos has been viewed thousands of times (proving there's an audience for them) on the University of Queensland’s Facebook. They may seem like obvious tips and nothing too exciting but remember what it was like to be eighteen and have to navigate this whole new world; all help was welcomed.  

Video tips and guides like this are so helpful to incoming students who can quickly become overwhelmed by the pressures of university life.

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