Universities are changing site images to include people with face coverings

Universities are constantly updating and reviewing content, so it came to no surprise when we spotted some universities adapting to the new rules surrounding face coverings. Is now is the time to update images on your website so they're realistic of the experience?

Face Coverings in images making an impact

Everything has changed in this year. in personal, work, and student life. Universities are aware of the stress that may be caused by the changes to education and are ready to help their students prepare for those changes. We've seen examples of this, where universities have started to change their images on their websites to reflect the fact that face coverings will be mandatory. The images are featuring students and professors, teammates, and other members of the universities wearing face coverings. The new and very relevant images, are helping the transition for students to this "new norm". For students and others who may be worrying about the return to education, the new content provides them with a sense of safety that protocols are being adhered to. 

SHU face coverings

How else are universities providing reassurance?

In addition to the updated images. Universities have posted blogs and official updates to encourage students that the "new norm" is safe.

Sacred Heart University, posted a section titled "Coronavirus: Keeping Our Community Safe". In this section, they included an area called: SHU's Return to Campus. It highlights the fact that 

Sacred Heart University is committed to the health and safety of our students, faculty, staff, and community members. Our Coronavirus Planning Committee is working diligently to ensure the University is well prepared as we continue to navigate our way through this epidemic.

They post daily updates to help keep an informed campus. So the message of safety is portrayed clearly and to remove any uncertainty about what is to be expected with the return to education. 

SHU screenshot of COVID19 Area

What are other universities are doing?

If you take Fordham University, for example, they have implemented similar strategies as Sacred Heart University. They have updated their images and created a specific section for updates and news articles. the released a return to campus guidelines section, which included:

  • You are required to wear a face-covering on campus whenever you are in public.
  • You are required to show Public Safety personnel your daily VitalCheck screening clearance at all campuses and building entry points.
  • You are required to follow appropriate social distancing guidelines on campus at all times.
  • You are required to quarantine for 14 days before entering campus if you are arriving from a state on New York State's mandatory quarantine list.
  • You must be tested for the COVID-19 virus (not antibodies) twice in the first month of the fall semester: once upon arrival and again after a two-week period. You may be selected for random surveillance testing for the COVID-19 virus at least once during the semester.

screenshot of return to campus on fordhams website

The first thing the university states is the importance of face coverings. The use of images throughout their website reinforces the new way of studying on campus.

Have you seen other universities implement changes like these? Or have you taken on a project to update your website?