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The inspiring humans of the University of Curtin

Curtin University is an Australian public research university based in Bentley, Perth. It’s the largest university in Western Australia with over 58,000 students. It’s a university that’s full of life, cultural diversity and it’s highly ranked on the world’s stage. The university has campuses in Singapore, Malaysia and Dubai and has a focus on equipping students with real-world skills.

We came across a series of posts from the university on their Twitter account called the “Humans of Curtin”, inspired by the Humans of New York Facebook page which tells real-life stories of the people of New York. This series tells the real-life stories of the students that make up the University of Curtin. The stories featured are about overcoming obstacles and of persevering; they highlight the humanity and individuality behind this expansive university.

Collage of faces of students with 'Humans of Curtin' on top


The stories are hosted on the Universities Tumblr and word of warning, it’s easy get lost in it! The humans featured include an aspiring Aboriginal doctor, a health-science student born in the Congo and a Greenpeace intern.


The stories give insight into the courses on offer at the university and the opportunities that are possible after graduation. It gives anyone thinking about choosing the University of Curtin food for thought about how choosing a certain path can shape the rest of your life. The inspiring members of the Curtin community featured explain what led them to this university and their chosen study fields.

This is such a worthy project created by the University of Curtin, let us know how your university celebrates their students!

You can lose yourself in the Humans of Curtin Tumblr here

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