The higher-education technology blog all-stars

Here at TERMINALFOUR we’re always on the hunt for creative, inspiring and intelligent blogs about the digital crossover in higher-education.  Blogging is one of the fastest and often the most reliable ways to learn about new trends and advancements in technology and indeed higher education.

Bloggers are not only interested in their chosen field but quite often experts on the subject too. If you’re not familiar with the world of higher education technology blogs, it can be daunting finding a blog that’s right for you which is why we have decided to list a miniscule selection of some of our favorite blogs.


If you’re interested in social media, marketing and web development for higher-education then you need to be reading this blog. .eduguru is one of the leading voices in digital marketing for higher-education and features topics that cover everything from   how to increase your sales funnel to how to ensure your recruitment efforts are connecting with prospective students. If you haven’t made it a regular part of your day, then make sure you subscribe today.


The edcetera blog comes from the good folks at and it offers a fresh and no-holds barred approach to all things to do with higher education and technology. The edcetera blog offers insights into complex problems faced by the higher education sector such as the main reasons students drop out, how to keep alumni relationships fresh and ways that technology can improve graduation rates.

3.  Edsocialmedia

Social media has become a pretty vital tool for engaging, recruiting, retaining and staying in touch with future, current and past students; however there are those universities and colleges (we’re not referring to your institution dear reader) that are yet to fully realize the true possibilities of social media. Edsocialmedia is here to help! This is a blog that can help you get more followers, greater engagement and ultimately help you to think outside the box when it comes to creating social media campaigns that generate excitement, interaction and most importantly conversion.

4. Higher-education marketing

This is a terrific blog for all you marketers out there; it features everything a higher education marketing enthusiast should know from how A/B testing can boost your school’s conversion rates to how to create social content around your school calendar. Higher education marketing has a wealth of archived blogs so our advice is dip in and out whenever you’re in need of divine inspiration!

5. Gallery edu

We couldn’t go without mentioning – a blog determined to give kudos to web design in higher education.  For web developers and designers working in higher education, is a great way to keep up-to-date on the latest trends and also to keep an eye on the competition!

This is just a miniscule sample of the blogs we regularly follow and get invaluable inspiration and information from. Let us know in the comments below if you would like to nominate any other higher education technology blogs to be included in our next blog all-stars post.