The 5 Trends in Website Design and Digital Marketing to Adopt or Drop in 2023

The pivot for higher education marketing since 2020 has been significant, and the bar is set higher than ever before when it comes to the expectations of prospective students.

As the digital landscape continues to shift, students' experiences with your communications, brand, and processes are crucial at every digital touchpoint.

In today's digital-first world, how do you break through the noise and allow your institution to shine?

Please join us on Wednesday, January 25 at 9 am EST / 11 am PST / 4 pm UTC as Terminalfour's CEO Piero Tintori discusses how you can break through the noise as he discusses the 5 trends in website design and digital marketing to adopt or drop.

From our experience running 40 projects a year, we'll run through the website design and digital marketing trends that are having the most positive impact and the ones that are no longer yielding results. 

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About the Speaker

Piero Tintori is the CEO and founder of digital marketing and web content management company Terminalfour. He founded the company in 1997 and has worked with universities and colleges throughout Europe, North America, and Australia. Piero specializes in helping universities and colleges to drive student recruitment, retention, alumni fundraising, and research promotion by maximizing the effectiveness of their digital and content strategies. 

A self-confessed techie, Piero is a passionate advocate for the alignment of technology and digital marketing. He actively participates in hundreds of web transformation project pitches, and has acted as an advisor to the higher education sector to transform their web and digital marketing strategies. 

An industry veteran of 20+ years, Piero is regularly invited as a guest speaker at higher education and online marketing conferences throughout the world. 

This webinar was first delivered as an in-person presentation at HighEdWeb 2022 and won the Red Stapler Award.

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