Sign up for our webinar: 7 simple tips to deliver results online

If you’re reading this blog then chances are you’re concerned about how to improve the performance of your university or college website. Just like any other industry, higher education websites need to deliver results that lead to an increase in the number of student registrations and ultimately an increase in revenue. The web is one of the most important branding tools a higher education institution has at its disposal which is why it’s vital to constantly take stock of what’s working on your website, what isn’t and what could be working better.

It’s a common misconception that web improvements are costly and time consuming which is why we have decided to host a webinar together with Digital Services Company Roundhouse Digital titled “ Improving Web performance on your university website: 7 simple tips to deliver results online”. The webinar will be held on the 11th of August at 11:30am (BST/GMT +1) and will offer practical tips that are easy to implement and offer tangible results straight away.

Here are just a few of the topics the webinar will cover:

1. Calls to action: Are you getting the most out of your visitors?

You know the despondent feeling you get when you have a form on your website that nobody wants to fill out? Well we have the solution to your problem. During the webinar we will show you how to increase the visibility of your form and get more pings to request a prospectus, book an open day or request more information.

2. Imagery: How to make those pictures worth more than a thousand words

Your website users are pickier than you think and without even knowing it are pre-programmed to dislike generic images. We will show you how to use imagery that helps meet your brands high standard and also connects with your website.

3. Get personal with personalization

It’s no longer good enough to have a great looking website that caters to the majority of your users. It needs to be personalized based on the individuals need. We will show you how to use a user’s location, previous interests and demographics to vastly improve their experience on your website.

4. Understand your recruitment cycle

Students visit different areas of your website at different stages of the recruitment cycle. Learn how to track and analyse this cycle and find out what key messaging is needed at each stage.

5. Assign a number to each student

You know how they say money talks? Well it does. We will show you how to get everyone to sit up and take notice of the true value of your university website.

6. Responsive - what it actually means to users

We know you have heard it all before when it comes to responsive. We want to show you what it really means, what happens when your site isn’t responsive and why if it isn’t then it really should be. Remember it’s about more than just making your site look pretty on an iPhone.

7. Don’t forget about those parents

We will show you why you not only need to factor in students but why you also need to consider those that are not au fait with the language of Higher education

A recording of the webinar is available to view here.