Scrolled by this week: 3 recent exciting Higher Education marketing campaigns

Whether we’re on the train commuting to the office or waiting in line for coffee we spend a large portion of our day scrolling through the virtual world of higher education. There’s so much content out there and it’s all moving so fast that it’s a challenge to see even a fraction of it.

There are times when we spot a campaign or post so clever that it makes us scroll back up. With the shelf life of content and particularly digital content, becoming shorter and shorter, we often don’t get to share these gems on the TERMINALFOUR blog. With this in mind, we have decided to create a brand new blog series called “Scrolled by this week”. We will be sharing some of our favorite social posts, blog posts, podcasts and stories that we saw while we were perpetually scrolling through our feeds. We also encourage all our readers to get involved by sending your favorite nominations for scroll of the week.

1. #LoveAber Campaign – University of Aberystwyth

An Open Day Snapchat treasure hunt. Where can we sign up? We thought this Snapchat campaign was really clever. Open Days are taking place in campuses all over right now and for visiting students (who might be visiting several campuses) it can be hard to get a real sense of a university. A competition like this one works really well to not only advertise your open day but it’s also an incredibly effective way to encourage prospective students to get out and see your campus and feel like part of the experience.

Aber Snapchat Photo  

2. #WeareMarquette Podcast – Marquette University

Marquette University Podcast Tweet 2 

For any university on the fence about starting a podcast, you definitely have to listen to this. The podcast features in-depth conversations with the people of Marquette University and is dedicated to uncovering what motivates them, what worries them, what challenges them, and what hopes and plans they have for the future of Marquette. It's also a great use of tools such as Apple iTunes and Soundcloud.

Marquette University Soundcast

Download the podcast here 

3. #PicturePurdue

Picture Purdue Heading

Is anyone else out there doing this?  Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana are encouraging their students to get involved in a photo contest. Each month the selected photos are showcased on the university’s website where visitors can vote on their favorites. Students are asked to submit their photo entries using an online form on the website. Photo entries are even displayed on the home page of the Purdue website. Check out the #PicturePurdue contest here.

Picture Purdue Website

Picture Purdue Website Thumbnails

That's it from our 'Scrolled Past This Week', remember if you see anything that makes you stop and scroll back up, send it our way! You can email us at or tweet us!