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Monsters University - The best Halloween 2018 Higher Ed hauntings

If you've ever hung around the TERMINALFOUR blog on Halloween night, you will know that it's one of our favorite times of year. I think it's because, on Halloween we all get a night off from taking ourselves too seriously. We can just say boo to worrying about impressions, reach, click-through-rates and social referral traffic, and just focus on entertaining our audience instead. 

Over the past few years, we have noticed that "games have seriously been upped" when it comes to celebrating Higher Ed Halloween. Over the years, we have seen impressive web design, costume competitions, haunted takeovers, spooky short films and some very clever puns. But this year, colleges and universities have collectively outdone themselves! In between bobbing for apples and answering the door to Trick or Treaters last night, we made a spooky shortlist for you to enjoy:

If we missed any good ones, send us some screenshots and background to marketing@terminalfour.com as we would be happy to do a follow up.

Loughborough University

Cats win Halloween Every. Single. Time and the good folks at Loughborough know this.

Halloween Loughborough University


University of Richmond

From the "Home of the Spiders", the University of Richmond have delivered a short-film sure to make your skin crawl.

Halloween Richmond 


George Mason University

Watch this one with sound! The George Mason team created a "documentary" featuring found footage of the haunting of Steve Myers. 

Halloween - George Mason 


University of Nottingham

We're all struggling without our annual Stranger Things fix so this homage from the University of Nottingham was a most welcome Halloween treat! Make sure to read the accompanying blog post about the stranger things about University of Nottingham. http://blogs.nottingham.ac.uk/studentlife/2018/10/31/stranger-things-of-uon/

Halloween University of Nottingham


Princeton University

The Princeton Tiger starred in a short horror film where he walks around campus and encounters some truly spooky happenings!

Halloween Princeton


University of Limerick

The University of Limerick went viral for a sassy tweet they sent out last week about the number of complaints from students they had received about not getting a midterm break. They're continuing their comedic turn with a good old-fashioned Halloween "dad-joke" and a fiendishly-festive short film!

Halloween University of Limerick


Vassar College

Last but not least, we bring you our all-time favorite Higher Ed haunted tradition. Every Halloween we rush over to Vassar.edu to see what spook-tacular delights the web team have dreamed up for the college home page. This year was no different with monsters, ghouls, witches and mad scientists popping up all over the virtual campus. Once again Vassar, we tip our cap!

Vassar College 2018 Screenshot 1

Vassar College 2018 Screenshot 2

Vassar College 2018 Screenshot 3

That's it until next year, guys and ghouls!

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