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Middlesex University: The superhero’s clearing guide

We’re smack-bang in the middle of the eye of the clearing storm. Universities are doing everything they can to get students to notice them (while trying not to look too desperate) and students are trying to make sense of what choices are open to them.

We’ve shared a lot of great clearing campaigns, posters, videos and social media posts over the years and we still get a kick out of an original idea when we see it. Scrolling through twitter the other day, we came across this great video from Middlesex University London. It’s an animated video that features a superhero called Hayley.

This one is an oldie but a goodie, first published for clearing in 2015. It explains all the reasons why Hayley has found herself in clearing- maybe she changed her mind, maybe she missed the deadline or maybe that accident in chemistry class affected her grades. The video explains that Hayley stayed calm and made it through the clearing process; first she looked at university websites and what courses were on offer. Then she called the University of Middlesex to check if they had a place for her.

While at Middlesex University Hayley meets her team of superhero pals and saves the planet from an alien attack. In other words, she finds her place in the world and reaches her full potential. It’s a positive and fun message for students going through clearing. 

While we’re on the topic of the University of Middlesex – they have also created videos of their students who have been through clearing and have come out the other side. The videos offer help, advice and comfort to students who might be struggling with the clearing process.

Oh, and here's another Middlesex University clearing story. Ana may not be a super hero (well maybe she is) but her story is relatable and equally inspiring. 

Great work from Middlesex University!

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