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Keele University and the student ambassador guide to not wasting time

Keele University have done it again. Here in TERMINALFOUR, we’ve long since admired Keele’s innovative spirit. If you haven’t had prior exposure to their student-centric campaigns, take a look at some of our previous posts on the subject.

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One of the great things about Keele University is that they believe in letting their students do the talking. We all know that when a friend recommends a restaurant, movie or book we’re far more likely to value their opinion. Well, the same goes when you’re dealing with students. They want to hear from their fellow students and there’s no fooling them either!

Students have in-built fraud detectors and can instantly tell when something is real and free of editing or university influence. So, don’t even think about dressing up someone from the marketing department in a hoodie and backpack, drafting a script, and filming them talking gush about why their favourite place in the university is the library. Your students will smell a rat faster than they can snapchat their student union breakfast.

That’s where student ambassadors come in; more subtle than traditional marketing with a focus on providing insight into campus life rather than promoting a university brand.

Keele University runs a student ambassador scheme, appointing students to represent the university in a way that resonates with current and prospective students. In addition to providing support where needed throughout the campus, Keele have also produced some stellar student ambassador videos including this latest video which features some very real ‘advice’ on how to stop wasting time when you should be studying.

If you’ve ever started studying and found yourself getting distracted by Google, your surroundings or the need for coffee, you’re going to enjoy this! The film is by the very talented Adam Mawardi, Keele’s Digital Ambassador, and it has certainly resonated with students. At the time of writing, it had been viewed 73,000 times, shared hundreds of times and had received as many comments. This is even more impressive considering the video was uploaded less than 48 hours ago.

Watch the video here and experience the real appeal behind the student ambassador phenomenon.

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