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It’s Back: Take part in the 2016 higher education web survey today

In 2014 we launched our inaugural ‘Higher Education Web Survey’ in an effort to get a deep understanding of the realities, motivations and critical online success factors of the global higher education sector.

The survey was designed to give a snapshot into the global marketing, recruitment and IT trends occurring within higher education institutions at a particular moment in time. We wanted to see what the common global trends were, who the thought leaders were and where there was room for improvement.

The results were revealing and here’s a sample of some of the key insights from 2015’s survey report:

• 31% of Web Administrators in higher education now report into Communications/Marketing as opposed to 13% in 2014 survey
• 53% of Higher Education respondents said their institution underwent a web transformation project in the past 12 months
• 10% of respondents stated that their most recent web transformation project was greater than 5 years ago
• 71% of respondents believe that Facebook is the social media account most responsible for driving conversion to the website
• 87% of respondents working in marketing, web or leadership roles in higher education today believe that traditional marketing still plays either an important or very important role

The 2015 report was downloaded and shared more than 1,300 times playing an important part in understanding digital marketing and web trends in higher education.

Now in its third year, we’ve launched the 2016 T4 Higher Education Web Survey

The questions are pretty straightforward and the survey only take a few moments to complete so if you work in a web, content, marketing, recruitment or senior management position in higher education then we would appreciate your participation. If I haven’t managed to convince you to partake thus far, there is also the matter of 5 $/£/€ 100 Amazon vouchers that we are giving away to consider. Go on, you’re worth it.

Take the survey

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