Invite to Webinar: Stop making common mistakes on your Higher Ed website

We have blogged a lot in the past about the positive impact having a great website can have on your student recruitment and retention efforts but we have also written about the common mistakes universities make with their websites in the hopes that these cautionary tales will help higher education marketers avoid falling into all too familiar traps.

We all know that a poor web experience can very quickly turn a user off completing an online transaction (whether it’s making an impulse purchase or signing up to an online course) and with so much higher education competition out there, universities and colleges need to be on top of their game.

With this in mind, we're going one step further in the fight against ill-conceived web strategies by teaming up with online marketing agency Boston Interactive to bring you the higher education marketing webinar of the season which guarantees to change the way you see life…or your university website at the very least.

Boston Interactive’s VP of Interactive Services Rebecca Marani & our own CEO Piero Tintori will be hosting the webinar for higher education marketing professionals called “5 Common Website Mistakes to Avoid” on May 27th at 1PM EST.

Some of the topics that the webinar will cover include how to:
• Increase student enrollment and application volume
• Improve conversion paths to achieve admission, advancement, and academic goals
• Enhance faculty pages to connect with prospects
• Embrace social media channels to expand reach

Rebecca and Piero will show you how to help students find not hide information on your website, how to have a clear site mapping strategy and how to adapt your website based on what areas of your website you can expect your students to enter from.

Sign up for the ‘5 common website mistakes to avoid’ here and get your web strategy where you want it to be