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I am Essex: The wonders of the university flat

Cast your minds back (considerably far back for some of us) and remember how one of the biggest considerations about starting college was the paradoxical excitement and anxiety about leaving home and moving into student accommodation. We worried about whether or not we would survive entire weeks on noodles, ketchup and toast, pondered the importance of clean clothes and whether we would get along with our new flat-mates.

Communicating effectively with students and addressing these real concerns is an important role for any university. It’s not an easy task which is why we loved this blog post from the student bloggers over at “I am essex” - a blog run by and for students of the University of Essex.

Outside image of the University of Essex Campus

They recently shared this blog post, titled “The Wonders of the Uni Flat” which addresses common fears about moving to college. Student blogs are an excellent way for universities to reach their student audience offering advice, tips and guides on a peer-to-peer level. This blog post delves into 8 reasons why living in campus accommodation can be an amazing way to spend your first year.

From singing the praises of RA’s (Residence Assistants), striking the right balance between independence and security and how to find your people, a blog post like this one will leave jittery incoming students more reassured and ready for their first year at university.

The entire “I am essex” blog is a brilliant resource for incoming and current students’ alike featuring advice on money management, making time for study, making friends and taking care of yourself, and the best things about the University of Essex.

Every university should have a student-led blog that’s as real and useful as this one.

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