How to transform your website from Clark Kent into Superman

Today we’re asking how you know when it’s high time for a website redesign. What are the signs that your website is lagging behind, lacking a certain sparkle and in desperate need of an overhaul? You may very well be reading this feeling quietly confident (and just that little bit smug) about how well your website is performing and thinking to yourself…’it hasn’t been that long since your last redesign. Has it?”

We’re here to help you spot the signs and the red flags to watch out for that will help you decide if your website is really living up to its full potential. Simply put, we want to help you transform it from mild mannered Clark Kent into well…Superman. 

Here are four of the main signs you should be watching out for:

Your site seems out of date

Like all web design, higher education websites are subject to trends. In fact a lot of higher education websites tend to have similar designs and layouts. If your website isn’t holding its own against your competitors then this is a problem that needs to be addressed. Have a look at similar institutions to yours and take note of what they are doing with their website; are they offering interactive video tours of the campus, a live chat facility,are they mobile enabled? Things that you considered nice but unnecessary can make a huge difference to the users of your website.

Your competitor’s site is better than yours

We’re familiar with the old adage of not comparing yourself to others but vying for student’s attention is a cut throat business. If your nearest neighboring university launches a brand new website that makes yours look paltry in comparison you need to take action now. If they’re outperforming you online then chances are they’re outperforming you in their admissions numbers.

Your KPI’s are suffering

You’re doing everything right and you can’t understand why you’re not getting the same number of web traffic, form submissions and email enquiries as you used to and you’re starting to think it’s something you’ve said. Google Analytics can help you find out where and why you are losing visitors. By understanding the behavior of your users you can then begin to understand what they need.

The needs of your university has changed

Higher Education has completely and irrevocably been altered by many factors over the past few years and students now firmly sit in the driving seats. There’s more competition out there too so while you may have been ruler of your kingdom at the time of your last web design, sadly that may no longer be the case. Your website needs to be (at the very least), easy to navigate, intuitive, interactive and responsive. Preempt the needs of your audience and you will reap the many rewards.