How to solve your course content dilemma

It's one of those undeniable truths of life; the website is the best sales person you’ll ever have. Remember that episode of 'The US Office' where Dwight tries to outsell the computer?

So whether you're a paper supply company called Dunder Mifflin in Scranton or a leading university in Texas your website needs to “always be closing”.

We have talked before about how course descriptions and your website’s course search functionality is one of the biggest deciding factors in hooking prospective students.

Just as it's vital that a paper company has a detailed and relevant description of what paper they offer, it’s also vital that colleges and universities provide potential students with detailed, relevant and easy to find course descriptions.

What happens if your university loses out to prospective students because of how your courses or programmes are presented online? What if you haven’t provided the information that students want to see or what if students just can’t find the information they’re looking for?

Course content is one of the challenges that we get asked about most often which is why we have decided to host a webinar titled “ The Course Content Dilemma: In Search of the ‘Single Source of Truth’.

Our CEO Piero Tintori will take you through:

  • The importance of quality course descriptions
  • The steps to work towards a Single Source of Truth
  • Content reuse and repurposing 
  • Bridging the gap between Student Information Systems and Marketing Content
  • Practical tips, case-study examples and proven techniques

The 1 hour webinar will take place on April 6th 11am EST and don’t worry if you can’t attend register anyway and we promise we’ll send you a link to the recording!