How to maximize the SEO potential of your URLs

There’s some debate over whether there is even such a thing as SEO compatible URL structure? In fact, rumor has it search engines are more than capable of making sense of any type of URL. However, there’s more to consider than just crawlability and site-speed when it comes to URLs there's also the highly competitive rankings race to consider.

So, what makes a good SEO friendly URL structure?

The ideal structure for a SEO link should retain the following structure:

  1. Protocol
  2. Sub Domain
  3. Domain
  4. Top-level Domain
  5. Folder/ Path
  6. Page

Top tips for creating SEO friendly URLs

1. The more readable by real-life human beings the better

This one makes sense, you know it does! The easier it is for humans to read it, the better it is for search engines. Take these links for instance, which one are you more likely to click on?


Make the right choice people!

2.  Keywords in URLs are still a good idea

Yes, we know for many years, we were constantly being warned about the perils of not adding keywords to our URLs and then suddenly there was silence. Surely, this means it no longer matters. Well, it does. It’s still a good idea to use keywords in your URLs. Why? URLs show up on social media and emails and a key word rich URL makes them all the more enticing. Also, research has shown that one of the most important factors that searchers consider when deciding which site to visit is the URL itself.

3. Shorter is better

Why? Shorter links are easier for users to copy and paste, to share on social media and to embed.

4. URLs should reflect the title of the page

They don’t have to be a picture perfect match but they should definitely resemble each other. The function of your URL is to inform people about the information they can expect to find on the page.

5. Don’t fall victim to repetition

Avoid repeating words in a URL, for instance, including a section and sub-section name in the URL.

So instead of this:

Give the sub-section a different name, like this:

And there you have it, 5 simple tips to help ensure your URLs are keyword rich, SEO friendly and downright pleasing to the human eye! Got any more tips? Let us know in the comments section below.