Great idea: USFCA Day of the Dons

If you’ve ever stood shaking a bucket, ran a marathon or sold cakes at a bake sale, you’ll know that fundraising, while worthwhile, isn’t the easiest task. Even when it’s for a deserving cause, it can be downright difficult to get people impassioned enough to donate their hard-earned cash, which is why we always think, ‘well, hats off’ to any university who comes up with a clever fundraising campaign and reaches their goal.

Social media and fundraising were made for each other. If you’ve ever crowdfunded, did the ALS bucket challenge or donated to a cause on Facebook, you’ll know this to be true. According to a report from the recent 2017 VAESE Alumni Relations Benchmarking Study 80% of alumni organizations report that “blogs, social media and e-newsletters” have the most impact on alumni engagement.


We loved University of San Francisco’s #DayoftheDons fundraising campaign where the aim was to raise $200,000 in 24 hours in challenge and matching gifts. The Day of the Dons is a one-day online fundraising campaign where donor’s gifts go further. Thanks to the generosity of some special donors, there are matches and challenges that increase the power of donations.

This April 6th, 1,621 donors helped the University to unlock $200,000 in challenge and matching gifts with donors contributing all in all, $520,517.51 on the #DayoftheDons.

So how exactly did they reach their target? There are so many layers to this digital campaign to take inspiration from; the cartoon version of the school’s mascot, “The Don” who stars in a host of animated videos and a host of personalized thank-you videos and engaging updates throughout the day.

The University of San Francisco made good use of all their social platforms including Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Check out some of the online promotional activity that went on in the lead up and during the big day:

Make an Impact (Facebook)

The thank you video (Facebook)

1500, you did it! (Facebook)

We’re almost there - Twitter


Why is #DayOfTheDOns so important? (Facebook)

Happy Day of the Dons 


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