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Great idea: University of Bradford- The big move in competition

For the past few weeks we’ve been consistently bowled over by just how far universities and colleges have been willing to go in order to create clever, imaginative and downright creative clearingorientation and move-in campaigns.

Seeing as its Friday we said we’d treat all our readers to one of our absolute favourite social media campaigns from the past few weeks. This particular campaign comes from the talented folks over at the University of Bradford and is titled ‘The big move in’. The campaign is based around a competition which asks new University of Bradford students moving into ‘The Green’ accommodation to record ‘their big move in’ to be in with a chance to win one of three Sony HDR-CX204E Handycams.

Students are asked to use their phone, camera, or webcam to record yourself a 60 second video explaining:

- Why they are excited about coming to the University of Bradford
- How they will be travelling to Bradford
- What is the most important thing that they are bringing with them and why

The entrants are invited to send a link to their videos via facebook or twitter. The 3 winners will be announced on the University’s facebook and twitter pages on Wednesday 3rd of September.

Once the winners receive their handycam they will then be asked to record video diaries of their activities leading up to and including move-in day such as packing up their belongings, what they will miss about home, the journey to Bradford and all the activity on move-in day.

The video footage will be downloaded and made into short films about the experiences of the prize winners.

The competition has been heavily promoted on the university’s website as well as through the facebook and twitter pages.

This competition is a great example of the type of multi-faceted digital campaigns that work particularly well when it comes to building excitement among prospective students before they arrive on campus, increasing engagement levels on social media and extending your reach to new audience members.

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