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Great idea: The University of Huddersfield’s Perfect Day App

Our good friends (and members of the TERMINALFOUR community) over at the University of Huddersfield have gone ahead and done something really quite brilliant! Well, they’ve only created an interactive app in conjunction with Lonely Planet and the results are intimidatingly impressive!  

The app allows students and prospective students to create their very own personalized film of their perfect day in Huddersfield by selecting 5 attractions from a map.


The video then shows students their perfect day in Huddersfield based on what elements they selected: from lunch between lectures at Rhubarb, vintage shopping at Byram Arcade to comedy night at Town hall- there’s something for everyone.

This app is such an effective tool for the university when it comes to showing students from out of town what the university and its surrounding areas has to offer. When it comes to student recruitment, it’s important to realize that not everyone will be familiar with the city, town or campus where your university is located.  

Where the University of Huddersfield really score bonus points is the extra touches they’ve added to make the viewer’s experience special such as including your name and facebook profile picture in the video.  There’s also the special lonely Planet guide to Huddersfield for students at the end which students can peruse online.

This is just so, so clever- from beginning to end! Well done University of Huddersfield! 

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