Great idea: Haverford College's 'Where they're headed' campaign

Here at TERMINALFOUR, we love when we stumble across clever higher education marketing ideas. We often find the simplest ideas to be the most effective which is why we wanted to talk about Haverford College’s- Where they’re headed blog series.

For today’s generation of students there has been an unprecedented change in the world of higher education: A solid education and an enviable qualification no longer guarantees graduate employment. One of the greatest issues students are faced with after college is an uncertain future, a fact that has led many students to question the relevance of a college education and indeed the justification of the costly tuition fees associated with one.

Universities and colleges are now faced with the task of persuading prospective and current students that there is still value to be found in a third-level qualification and what better way to prove this than to provide irrefutable evidence?

Show don’t tell
Haverford College is a small, private, coeducational liberal arts college located in Pennsylvania. The college have recently featured a timely series of blog posts titled: “Where they’re headed”. Each blog post features a student from the 2014 graduating class and gives a background to their field of study and the graduate opportunities they have succeeded in securing after graduation. The college have actively promoted the blog series on facebook and twitter and is enjoying a very positive response from followers.

One of the reasons we really love this campaign is because it shows students the merits of a particular study programme instead of just listing or alluding to what the potential benefits to students are.

This blog series establishes a sense of transparency, pride and confidence in current and future students and also succeeds in giving students a glimpse into just how bright their futures could be.

To us, a successful higher education marketing campaign is one that considers the student’s perspective while also responding to their needs and concerns.