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Great clearing ideas: The University of Wolverhampton's #courseyoucan campaign

Clearing in the UK officially begins at the end of this month and runs throughout the summer. This means it’s almost time for universities and colleges to try and woo as many students as they can by whatever means necessary. Last year we looked at some of the most creative (and at times the wackiest) clearing campaigns of the past few years and this year, over the coming months we will be bringing you a series of clearing blog posts highlighting the best and brightest marketing efforts by universities and colleges. 

So without further ado, this week we’re highlighting the simply brilliant #CourseYouCan campaign from the ‘University of Wolverhampton’. 

This year’s campaign uses ‘digital student ambassadors’ to help incoming students find the course that’s right for them. The digital ambassadors’ job is to provide prospective students with a realistic example of what it’s like to live and study in Wolverhampton as a first year student. Each student makes use of their own personalised ‘courseyoucan’ hashtag so prospective students can follow their specific journeys and see what course is right for them all through a handy widget on the clearing section of the website.

We’ve included some great images of the campaign below and don’t forget to send us your clearing campaigns and you never know we may just feature your university on the blog!

The clearing homepage

The ambassadors

The personalised journey

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