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Good ideas: Boston University’s Terrier Tuesdays

As you know, we’re big fans of a good idea and we regularly feature posts, pages, widgets, blogs, campaigns and websites. Lots of colleges and universities send us their good ideas and we love to feature them. If you have an idea that you’re bursting with pride over, do drop us a mail at marketing@terminalfour.com.

Anyway, we digress, back to the main feature. Today’s good ideas (yes, ideas, plural) come from the guys and gals over at Boston University’s social team. Their social media is a thing of beauty – from Instagram to Twitter – they just get it. We’ve chosen a few of our favorite posts over the past few weeks – we could have chosen more but we’ve limited ourselves to just three.

My Own Boston

You know those perfectly nice marketing videos that are lovely but very clearly a marketing video? You don’t want to hold it against them but you just do. This video is not one of those videos. It’s a simple premise – a Boston University student exploring Boston and telling people why she loves Boston but it’s a marketing video done right – it’s real, relatable and oh so well made.

Terrier Tuesdays

Sadly, not a campaign dedicated to dogs, but rather a weekly campaign that highlights the achievements of one of Boston Universities past or current students (AKA Terriers). It’s another great example of striking the right note with marketing material – this series is so well done – really interesting content that also shows the career opportunities that come from choosing Boston University.

The human interest side of research

Universities have a lot of different masters to serve when it comes to social media accounts and it can prove challenging to find the right balance for your content. One of the most common complaints we have heard about over the years is how challenging the promotion of research continues to be. Where do universities promote it, how do they position that promotion and how do they get people interested? We love that this article about a researcher who rose to prominence on a TED talk he did on memory manipulation manages to bridge the gap between research promotion and a human interest piece.

Great work Boston University! To see more on how you can promote your research, read about our Research Portal module https://www.terminalfour.com/product/ 

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