Competition Overview: #ILoveTERMINALFOUR

In the run up to Valentine’s Day we decided to run our very own lonely hearts themed competition where we encouraged our clients to tell us why they loved TERMINALFOUR. The competition was a huge success and we had such a great time seeing all the responses, so much so that we’re a little sad to see the back of Valentine’s Day.

A competition like this one is a great way to get members of your community involved and to hear (the hopefully positive) things they have to say about you. It would also work terrifically well in a higher education environment. Encouraging existing students to profess the reasons they love your institution is a great way to get endorsements from your students and show prospective students what makes your college or university special.

It doesn’t take much to pull together a campaign like this either. You will need:

  • A landing page such as this one with a PDF attachment to a sheet that can be printed
  • A hashtag that’s in keeping with your competition and unique to you
  • A solid promotional strategy; what channels are you going to use to promote your campaign?

The #ILoveTERMINALFOUR competition closed on Friday the 13th and winners will be announced shortly so watch this space! We also wanted to take this opportunity to show everyone just a few of the great entries that we received over the past few weeks so without further ado here are some of those entries: 

1. Virginia Commonwealth University

2. Connecticut College 

3. University of Huddersfield 


4. University of the Arts London

These are just a few of our clever and creative clients who entered our competition and although the competition is closed we will never say no to hearing why you love us!