CMS Migrations: Removing the heartache, delays and expense

We all have something that makes us break out in a cold sweat. For some people it's clowns for others it’s spiders or dentists. In certain circles, the mere mention of the phrase 'cms migration' is enough to trigger an irrational fight or flight response.

It’s a well-known fact cms migrations are the stuff of nightmares but do they have to be?

We want to do some serious myth-busting surrounding content migration and reassure you that it can be a painless process.

Why are CMS migrations fraught with such contempt and loathing? We have heard some CMS migration nightmares in our time but we won’t frighten you here with them!

What we do want to tell you about is the upcoming webinar we’re hosting. We're going to let you in on one of our best kept secrets which is CMS migrations don’t have to have destroy lives and ruin relationships with colleagues…they can be a walk in the park! We promise!

Our CEO, Founder and all round CMS migration expert Piero Tintori is hosting a free webinar on you've guessed it, "CMS Migrations- Removing the heartache, delays and expense" where he will:

  • Remove all the myths about migrations
  • Give you an in-depth guide to intelligent pre-migration preparation
  • Include a live migration demonstration

You’re going to find out the secrets to:

  • Why migrations go wrong
  • Best practices to save resources (financial and human)

And see it for yourself:

  • See TERMINALFOUR’s automated migration tool in action and let those nightmares float away

When’s this happening?

Tuesday: September 29th 2015
Times: 11:30am BST or 1pm EST (You decide which suits you best)
Duration: 1 hour

Don’t worry a recording of the webinar is available here.