Carpool Karaoke to the UW Milwaukee Graduation

Commencement is to higher education what awards season is to Hollywood. It's ritzy, glitzy and glam, it's got emotional speeches, and ultimately it's every student's reward for years of blood, sweat and tears. Working in the Higher Education field as we do, every year we can't wait to see which university or college is going to knock it out of the park with an over-the-top way to celebrate Commencement.

This year there are some serious contenders (we will be featuring more over the next few weeks) and we thought we would kick-off with this homage to James Corden; he of carpool Karaoke fame.

The University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee showed their sense of humour and commitment to the grandiosity of commencement with a video showing Chancellor Mark Mone giving some students a ride to the ceremony. It wasn't just any ride though, it was UW-Milwaukee’s version of 'Carpool Karaoke', you know that recurring segment on The Late Late Show with James Corden, where he gives celebrities like Adele, Mariah Carey and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers a ride, and they sing along to their hits on their radio.

This video just works so well, watch it here for yourself and see if your university can beat them next year!

If your university got creative this commencement season, let us know in the comments below or email us at We would love to share your great ideas!