April favorites: Higher Education Social media Pin Ups

When it comes to social media, we all want to achieve maximum visibility and engagement on our campaigns and posts.

Ideally, we want to do this without spend large amounts of your budget on paid advertising. And, there are other budget-friendly ways to ensure that your important posts don’t get lost in the crowd.

When it comes to social media, it’s normally blink and you miss it. You can have the wittiest, cleverest, most carefully planned post, spend ages determining the optimum time to schedule your posts and still find that they tank worse than a comedian at a music festival.

The practice of pinning posts on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook is relatively new to the social media world. Pinned posts are an easy and effective way of increasing the visibility and longevity of important posts, and of communicating to your intended audience that this is an important piece of news.

Pinned posts can come in handy for the following:

• When you want to promote a time-sensitive event. You can drive registrations and increase the number of eyeballs on your post by simply pinning it.

• Communicate important news and make sure you reach a higher percentage of your audience with time-sensitive news, events and announcements

• Continue driving engagement with a particular post, if your audience reacted especially well to a particular post, why not pin it and give more people the chance to see it and hopefully share it

We’re launching a brand-new series of posts where we will be bringing you the best pinned posts of the month, from universities and colleges around the globe, to help get your creative juices flowing.

This month we’re looking at pinned tweets from: Louisiana State University, Clemson University, and Michigan State University.

Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University have launched their brand-new app that puts the campus at their student’s fingertips. The app allows users to create a persona, monitor campus transportations in real-time, access grades, and keep up with campus news. The pinned tweet contains a link to download the app and a video that shows users what the app looks like and points out some of the app’s highlights.

Clemson University


We love this pinned tweet of Clemson University’s Mascot surprising one lucky student with the news that he has been accepted to Clemson and is ‘Tiger Bound’. Posts like these are invaluable when it comes to student recruitment.

Michigan State University

Check out Michigan State University's pinned tweet for a serious case of school-spirit envy. This features the video “MSU College of Music presents Dmitri Berlinsky and the International Chamber Soloists performing "Victory for MSU," the Michigan State University fight song. This tweet shows that if you’ve created something great, you should pin it and let your audience see it!

Keep in mind when you’re pinning posts to your social media accounts to not leave them there for too long. Your followers and visitors will tire of seeing them and since a pinned post is the first post a visitor sees, you don’t want them to get the impression that your account isn’t frequently updated.

We will be showcasing more Higher Education pinned posts next month, and if you would like to be featured, please make sure to get in touch (marketing@terminalfour.com)