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And the winners are...

At the start of February, we asked our clients around the world to open their hearts and tell us why they love TERMINALFOUR. The competition was a great success; we received some terrific entries and a huge confidence boost!

You guys kept your side of the bargain and we did promise there would be a reward in the form of 10 €/ £ / $ 50 Amazon vouchers.

So...Drumroll please….the winners of the #ILoveTERMINALFOUR photo competition are:

  1. @MaikaDavis
  2. @HuddsWeb 
  3. @Bookatweet
  4. @WebGirlbrittany
  5. @Garzawicker
  6. @ArtsShowtime
  7. @tetedurunge
  8. @rrcarton
  9. @Jet273
  10. @CKLondon

We had so many great entries we also decided to award 5 extra €/ £ / $ 25 Amazon vouchers to the following entrants:

  1. @Nikkipirch
  2. @PaddyCallaghan
  3. @PlanetClaire
  4. @Userexec
  5. @TheGreatGatski

Congratulations everyone! Email us at marketing [at] terminalfour.com or PM us on twitter to claim your prizes!

Thanks again to everyone who entered and shared the love with us. If you want to view all the entries,

 you can do so here

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