And the winners are...

At the start of February, we asked our clients around the world to open their hearts and tell us why they love TERMINALFOUR. The competition was a great success; we received some terrific entries and a huge confidence boost!

You guys kept your side of the bargain and we did promise there would be a reward in the form of 10 €/ £ / $ 50 Amazon vouchers.

So...Drumroll please….the winners of the #ILoveTERMINALFOUR photo competition are:

  1. @MaikaDavis
  2. @HuddsWeb 
  3. @Bookatweet
  4. @WebGirlbrittany
  5. @Garzawicker
  6. @ArtsShowtime
  7. @tetedurunge
  8. @rrcarton
  9. @Jet273
  10. @CKLondon

We had so many great entries we also decided to award 5 extra €/ £ / $ 25 Amazon vouchers to the following entrants:

  1. @Nikkipirch
  2. @PaddyCallaghan
  3. @PlanetClaire
  4. @Userexec
  5. @TheGreatGatski

Congratulations everyone! Email us at marketing [at] or PM us on twitter to claim your prizes!

Thanks again to everyone who entered and shared the love with us. If you want to view all the entries,

 you can do so here