5 creative websites from art & design schools

Here at TERMINALFOUR we would like to take this opportunity to wish all our readers a very happy new year and without further ado launch straight into our first blog post of 2015.

The university website is an unparalleled resource not only when it comes to informing students about what your institution has to offer but it also goes a long way towards establishing the identity of your university or college.

The above statement is never truer than when it comes to art and design school websites.  You know that uncomfortable sense of foreboding and ominous dread you get when the person cutting your hair is sporting a particularly unflattering or crazy new hairstyle? Well it’s kind of the same principle for art-schools; you just expect more from the design of their websites. Just like you expect your hairdresser to have good hair, you expect a school devoted to design to feature a good web design.

The website is at the very core of a university or college’s website and an art or design school has more to prove in terms of its artistic abilities. We have recently spent some time looking at some of the websites offerings from art and design institutions and have picked what we think are five of the best around. We weren’t just looking for eye-catching designs, we also didn’t want to compromise on user experience. All five of the websites feature stunning designs and are easy to navigate. 

1. University of the Arts London is Europe’s largest university for art, design, fashion, communications and the performing arts. Their website is sleek, uncluttered and incredibly user focused. It takes full advantage of beautifully shot photography to inject a sense of the university’s personality into the website. 

2. Oberlin College is a private, liberal arts college in Oberlin, Ohio which combines both a leading college of Arts & Sciences and a world renowned conservatory of Music. Oberlin’s website design features an eye-catching homepage design that uses powerful imagery and the individual student experience to create a thorough sense of the college’s identity.

3. Leeds College of Art is an independent and dynamic arts college with an international reputation of alternative excellence. Its website is an exemplary specimen of the perfect arts website, boasting stunning photography and a user friendly experience. 

4. Biola University is a private evangelical, Christian, liberal arts university located in the state of California. The university has a strong design focus- a fact reflected in its website, which was designed in-house. The website exudes personality with its clash of colors and whimsical artwork. 

5. Academy of Art University is a privately owned for-profit art school in San-Francisco, California. The university’s homepage is laid out like a vibrant story-book showcasing the best of what the university has to offer in a step-by-step approach.

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