10 university news pages to inspire your next website redesign

The news section is typically the most dynamically changing content on a university website. 

It’s the place to provide updates on all the events and achievements flowing from an institution, and it’s never been more important to get right.

Yet some universities still use news sections as a place to park updates. 

And design formats can still be uninspiring and fail to reflect the value that this section of the website can have in showcasing what makes an institution so special. 

But what does ‘great’ look like for university news pages? 

We take a look at 10 universities getting it right with engaging content and layouts, using a range of multimedia to convey expertise and bringing research, culture, and events to life at their institution.

So if you’re starting to think about the feasibility of changing the news section, looking to build a case for overhauling it, or have the go-ahead and are about to embark on a project to bring the news area up to date, check out these examples for inspiration.

#1 University of Cambridge 

With a menu bar straddling different topics from business to science, the University of Cambridge news page allows users to explore relevant content with ease. 

Featured and impact story slices draw attention to standout articles. The impact map adds an interactive element allowing visitors to look at its news from a global perspective. 

great university home page designs - Cambridge University

University of Cambridge News page

An ‘in the media section’ shows what press attention the university is garnering adds to the user experience, as do other segments that separate content into spotlight topics, such as the Ukraine crisis, and news about by faculty members. 

And the engaging nature of the page incites visitors to sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of the page. 

#2 John Hopkins University 

For a university that regularly sees itself making headlines the world over, it’s no surprise that John Hopkins University is making use of its internationally appealing content in a dedicated news ‘hub’.

great university home page designs - John HopkinsJohn Hopkins University's Hub

With a navigation bar, users can easily transition between different areas of interest from the top or choose to scroll through the sections to see what catches their eye.

Timestamps underneath article headlines give a nod to relevant, up-to-date content and a section that is carefully curated and updated.

A trending topics section draws attention to popular content and a link to the magazine gives users looking to read longer-form pieces the opportunity to explore further. 

#3 University of Liverpool  

With an image-led, grid layout, the University of Liverpool’s news page is a visually engaging journey through the latest stories emerging from the institution.

The news items are all topical, thoughtfully created, and supported by opinion pieces.

great university home page designs - university of liverpool.University of Liverpool News page

There are links to podcasts as well as a ‘most popular’ section to draw attention to the highest performing content. 

A search bar along the top of the page allows users to find specific content or areas of interest. 

#4 Columbia University 

Columbia University’s news section has a real magazine feel, leading with an image grid signposting various content. 

great university home page designs - Columbia UniversityColumbia News

Their navigation bar includes videos, podcasts, and recommended books, which not only makes it easy for users to find areas of interest but offers rich content to explore, with further links to the institution's various publications. 

#5 Leeds Beckett University 

Leeds Beckett University’s news page showcases standout features in various ways and also offers a weekly pick of the top stories. 

A vertical search pane makes it easy for users to find exactly what they’re looking for. 

A sliding carousel for all news, an expert opinion section, and podcast links give visitors plenty of choices of content to explore. 

great university home page designs - Leeds Beckett UniversityLeeds Beckett News

#6 University of New South Wales  

While the University of New South Wales’s news page is effectively a chronological collection of stories, its visual-led grid design keeps it engaging, showcasing impactful imagery. 

Timestamps keep it current and show users it’s regularly updated. 

great university home page designs - UNSWUniversity of New South Wales' Newsroom

A navigation bar at the top allows users to select specific topics, which then shows content in basic list form. 

It’s a great example of a simple approach to a news page. 

#7 Cornell University 

Named The Cornell Chronicle, this news page follows the format of a fully-fledged newspaper website. 

great university home page designs - Cornell University

The Cornell Chronicle

Users can navigate from the top a variety of topics, and explore Cornell in the news, expert quotes, and stories about alumni and existing students. 

Content is set out with plenty of white space punctuated with striking images and divided into subareas such as editor’s picks and research.

A featured video and a photo of the day add to the visual engagement, and a 'latest news' section keeps things current.

#8 Swansea University  

An image-led carousel of stories sits at the top of Swansea University's news page with the option to click on all content to view it in list form. 

It’s followed by the latest videos and podcasts and pulls in the latest conversation on social media. 

There are also links to the institution’s research magazine, as well as student vlogs and blogs. 

great university home page designs - Swansea University

Swansea University News and Events page

#9 Massachusetts Institute of Technology  

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology adopts a media-like approach to its news page, with a lead story slice following onto the day’s featured content and recent highlights. 

great university home page designs - MIT

MIT News

There are also highlighted videos and links to content about the university in the mainstream news. 

Search functionality and the ability to separate news according to faculty further enhance the user experience. 

#10 Vanderbilt University 

This striking, magazine-style page, with a leading story in the middle surrounded by further news and event details in side-columns is a simple but clean and minimalist approach. 

The ‘in focus’ section allows visitors to click on more relevant content without making the page too busy and it offers a good amount of engaging content to entice users to take the prominent call to action and sign up for the email newsletter. 

great university home page designs - Vanderbuilt

Vanderbilt University News

These examples demonstrate how well-maintained, highly organized, and well-written content, coupled with great design, can really engage audiences. 

Are there any other university news pages that have inspired you?

Please let us know in the comments below or on social media, we’d love to hear.