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The 2019 Higher Education Digital Marketing and Web Survey Report

What are the key trends in Higher Education digital marketing and web? How do you compare to your peers worldwide?

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The 6th annual Terminalfour Higher Education Digital Marketing and Web Survey Report is now available to download (for FREE).

Survey of 413 marketing, web, recruitment, advancement and leadership professionals from 317 higher education institutions from 24 countries around the world. 

The report will give you insights into the latest digital marketing trends and priorities in the ever-evolving role of the web in Higher Education including:

  • What organizational goals have the most impact on defining web strategies of Higher Education institutions around the world?
  • What countries are investing the most in Higher Education digital and web projects?
  • Are Higher Education digital marketing and web teams growing or shrinking?
  • Which is a more common web governance approach, centralized or decentralized? 
  • What social networks are delivering the best results when engaging potential students?
  • How is the recruitment of international students impacting your digital marketing strategy?
  • What's the possible impact of tighter visa, travel restrictions and other political events on an institution's ability to meet recruitment targets? 
  • What type (size/location) of universities and colleges are investing in digital marketing and web and which types are not?

Download the free report today and discover where your university or college stands in the global scheme of things.